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From speaking to coaching, my passion and my purpose is here. From doTERRA essential oils to the path that led me there, i’m here to not only tell my story but to help you write yours.

Living a Toxic Free Life

Let’s get you started on living a toxic free life.  With the purchase of a doTERRA wholesale customer membership (here is a link to the enrollment kits), I will work with you to implement natural solutions for you and your family.  Once you receive your oils, if you would like, I will meet with you virtually or in person to review all the oils and leave you with a wellness plan to get you on track with eating, exercise, reduce toxin load, informed self care and proactive health care.



I will also add you to my private VIP group (Essential Living) where you will have access to 1000’s of wellness advocates to give you advice as well as myself, as i provide weekly coaching in my VIP group.

Change your life financially

Are you ready to change your life, not only from a health perspective, but perhaps a financial perspective.  Then you are going to want to work with me.

Get yourself a wholesale membership as indicated in point 1, and then go to HERE! Fill in the form, and contact me and let me know you are ready to go.  I will then meet with you to understand your goals, get you set up with our 6 week online education, Launch your Business program, and find the right team that is the best fit for you within #teampurelife.

I will be by your side all the way!  My job is to ensure your success!

A more in depth exercise: Private Coaching

Not sure where to start, and maybe need some private coaching, some more in-depth expertise?

Contact me and I will share with you my various coaching packages that I have available.  We can work out a monthly plan, where I can work more intimately with you to share your goals.  Or perhaps you are part of another doTERRA team, and just looking for some business coaching!

I would be more than happy to help you, build your business (with the team you are already with) and just provide some more in-depth guidance.

Leaders who have chosen to work with me