Welcome to our crazy life! Here’s where it all began…

From the time Darren and I met, we always pushed each other to do better and be better. We knew we wanted to live a big life and had lots of big ideas and big dreams. Just like any marriage, we’ve struggled, but failure wasn’t an option. It allowed us to raise four amazing boys with strong family values!

We open our home to share not just the good, but the struggles as well. When our life was turned upside down in 2011, we were pushed even harder to keep faith and to hang on to hope for the future of our family. We made changes that strengthened the family, but we knew in our hearts there was a better way to live besides trying to keep up with the “Jones’s”. We knew more than ever, that if we wanted to live our dreams, we needed to take risks.

We decided to jump off the cliff together and open a Wellness Business, move from our dream home, and simplified our life. We removed the noise, excess stuff, and just focused on the essentials for our family. Everyone thought we were crazy, but we believed in our family, our business, and the opportunity that doTERRA gave us. Within 4 years we climbed to the top 2% of the company, created the life we once dreamed of, and most importantly, the freedom to be with our boys. We are now passionate to help others do the same! That once crazy idea to focus on just the essentials became a movement and passion that created these amazing programs and communities that we now call our extended family! We decided last year, to help even more by documenting the principles, values, and the systems we used to create an abundance in our life, as well as to remove anything that didn’t serve who we were as a family! This is how The Nine was born. All the changes we made were focused on nine foundational key areas of life. As you navigate around our website, you will see the reference to The Nine – Essential Life Foundations. This system of Essential Life Foundations contains everything you need to work on key foundational pieces to help you build the life you desire. With a little reflection, tools, templates, evaluation, and goals we use a system to move you forward in all nine areas. It is all laid out for you! You just do the work and follow the system. If you’re here with us, we want to help you and there is a reason why you are reading this! Don’t listen to the negative messages you may have. Listen to your heart – the calling that you are meant for more. We’re passionate about helping people be better and do better. We’ll do anything we can to help you live your Essential life!

The history of us…

Our story begins


The Beginning

In 1996, my mom convinced me to attend my cousin’s wedding to meet this handsome man. Little did I know that best man was the love of my life. In less than two years, we were married, built our first home and started our life together with big dreams.


Our first boy, Dawson, entered the world. Little did we know how much having a child would change our life.


Donovan entered the world running and he hasn’t slowed down.


Deegan blessed our family. At this point, Darren and I were officially out numbered.


After a trial period of Darren staying home with our boys, we knew this is something we needed to make happen. We scraped together every nickel and dime, went down to one vehicle, and gave up glorious trips to make this happen. Darren came to be known as the Daddy Day Home of Sherwood Park. Darren and I working together to create the life we wanted. We didn’t care who brought in the money or who cleaned the house, we just knew there was things that needed to be done and whoever was the best suited would do it. It took me a while to deal with the guilt of knowing I was a better mom by being a working mom. We did what worked for us and we wouldn’t change a thing.


At this point, Darren and I thought we would live our life as a family of 5. We knew we wanted another boy, but thought God had other plans. Darren decided to buy his new truck, with only 5 seats, and life was going according to our plan.


Life was going according to plan, except for our surprise! After an awesome weekend away in September, I had to break the news to Darren he needed to sell his new truck with only five seats. I had just found out that we needed 6 seats. When I told Darren, he said “Are you sure?” I told him that I had been to this rodeo a few times and yes, I was sure I was pregnant.


When our life felt like it was back to normal, I decided to go back to work early as I was given a promotion to be the CIO (Chief Information Officer) for the province of Alberta. After climbing the corporate ladder for 23 years, making it to this executive position, Darren and I felt we were back on track for our life as we had planned it. Little did we know what was in store for us.

The Cancer Journey


January 2011

I started a new exercise program and was always complaining about my right side hurting. One night Darren asked me if I had been examined by her doctor lately. As soon as Darren said that, I felt my right breast and immediately felt a golf ball size lump. I brushed it off as a plugged milk duct from nursing Dryden. But something pushed me to get it checked out.

February 2011

I saw that my doctor was calling on my work phone. The doctor said since he has known me  for a long time, he didn’t want me to wait, said it is cancer, a very aggressive form, and that I would be seeing a doctor at the Cross within a few days. I was told I probably would not make it to Christmas. A few weeks later I started chemo.

March 2011

To everyone’s disbelief, my best friend Mary was diagnosed with Breast Cancer as well. We were two best friends that were inseparable knew they were each others’ person. Kim jokingly told Mary – they need to go through cancer together. A 10-year long journey followed that we are both still fighting. Different journeys, but still fighting and still best friends!

June 2011

I completed 7 of the 8 chemo’s. They had to stop as my body could not handle anymore.

July 2011

I had a double mastectomy with immediate reconstruction. I fought to have this done as it was not standard practice to do reconstruction before radiation. I knew, in other parts of the world, this was doable and I fought to get what I wanted.

Finding Natural Solutions


March 2013

I traveled to Ubud, Indonesia to seek the advice and treatment from a holistic doctor. I know that the changes I learned at this facility are instrumental in how I keep defying the odds.

March 2015

We sold our dream home and moved into a very simple 1000 square foot home. We downsized our life to only live with the essentials. As I learned the importance of reducing the toxin load in our lives, that this meant not just toxins in our food and around us, I also learned that it included the toxicity of stress, business, and other stuff! We started our journey reducing all the toxins in our lives.

March 2016

I found an essential oil that I feel comfortable to use as a medication to support my body. As I learned more about doTERRA essential oils, I knew that this company had many solutions for what I needed to do to live.

February 2017

Darren and I climbed to the top 2% of the company and created a community with thousands of customers and built a team of hundreds of entrepreneurs that were just as passionate as us to support the world in non-toxic solutions.

June/July 2017

Darren and I start the process to move to the US, to a state that has a lesser toxin level in the air. Where we live, the quality of the environment is connected to hormone cancers.

November 2017

I found out that the implants the doctor used was the cause of a secondary cancer for many women with these implants, ALCL.

January 2018

We were told by their lawyer that with our needs for our family and schooling,  the possibility of moving to the US was zero.

March 2018

We move once again. When you realize your home is not a structure you live, rather that your home is wherever your family is, it makes life much simpler, and less stressful.

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