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Home is truly where the heart is in of your overall Essential Life Plan. Home is somewhere that is both desirable and that exists in the visions within our mind, and in a particular physical location. Over the years, the definition of home as changed. When we look across cultures and timelines, even though the definition has changed, we as humans need the oasis of our home.

Home has always been a gathering place, shelter, and sanctuary, providing escape from the craziness of our world we live in. The concept of home is constructed differently by different languages; dwellings are built and lived in very differently by diverse groups, and many individuals have negative or mixed emotions in regard to their experiences of home life. Whether we look upon our childhood and want to create a home like we were raised in, or to create a home that you didn’t have as a child, creating a home is key to feeling complete in your life plan.

In module #7, we look at all aspects of a home. We look at chores, cleaning, meal preparation, grocery shopping list, home project planning, organization and so much more. We help you determine the areas of your home that need work, set the goals we want, and then create daily actionable steps to lead you to the home you desire for you and your family.

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