doTERRA is not WHAT we do, but it’s WHO we are.

Yes, there is no better way to describe a doTERRA lifestyle.  It is an all-encompassing lifestyle that pushes you to be better and do better in every part of your life! In my corporate career I felt like I had two different personalities; the one that went to work all day and the one when I came home.  Everything was scheduled around my career, as it was demanding and 45+ hours a week.  I would picture this big circle representing my job, with all the things I love around it like my boys, Darren, my family, my self-care.  Everything scheduled around my job. It always felt wrong, but it is what I knew.  When I took that leap of faith to build our business, it was much more than just work.  Darren and I finally were able to have a life, the new big circle in the middle, and now we plan everything around our life!  Building a life on our terms, our way.

Darren and I have made it our purpose to create opportunities for those who need it by giving them the tools, like Pure Wellness, that Darren and I wish we had available to us when we started this journey!  Pure Wellness allows everyone and anyone to build a doTERRA business based of your strengths so it feels natural for you. We know doTERRA oils are the best and most pure in the world. If you are going to invest in your health and invest in your future by helping the lives of others, there is no other business that gives you tools like these to begin.

Yes, I’m ready to build toward my dream!

Somehow, some way, you got to this page – our Team Pure Wellness page. 

You are thinking one of three things:

The first one “Here we go again, people making false promises where it is going to cost me a fortune, and I will get nothing in return.  Also, it is just another one of those annoying pyramid schemes, where no one is successful except the person at the top”.  Blah blah blah, if I had a penny for every time I heard this, I would have a million of them. If this is you, I encourage you to just be open and see how doTERRA is a completely different company then other MLM’s, and how our Pure Wellness organization is changing the way people build MLM’s.  Less work, less time, with more success.  I hope you read on.

The second one is “I am in!  I know this aligns with me as a person, I love the products and to have Pure Wellness behind me, I can do it!  Sign me up”!  You are feeling excitement that you haven’t felt in a while, you feel your passion coming out and you don’t care what anyone thinks.  Let’s get you signed up, before that fear sets in, as it well.  This moment, choose FEAR or FAIT!  Choosing FEAR, brings you back to your comfort zone and will deliver the same results you have had in your life over and over again.  Choosing FAITH means you don’t have any clue how you are going to do it, or what it looks like, but you choose to listen to that intuition that is lighting you up inside.  When I coach people, I always tell them this “Focus on the what, the how will come”.  Repeat it over and over.  The “WHAT” is the pull to do something bigger than you ever imagined.  It feels so good, exciting, maybe overwhelming, and a little scary, but it fires you up!  The “HOW” will fall into place.  A person very dear to me, shared this with me, when I made the choice to jump in.  I would say it to myself in the times where I had no idea what I was doing, I just knew I was on the right path.  This is your WHAT, all of us at Pure Wellness will show you the HOW!

The third one “This sounds so good, but I have some unanswered questions, and need to look into it a bit more”.  That is great!  We want to make sure all your questions are answered.

Let me give you some more information about all the love and support you get from Team Pure Wellness.

  • We have a weekly Team Meeting every Monday at 8:00 p.m. We will always highlight a product and business practice.
  • We have a weekly host in our Team Pure Wellness Facebook group that will make sure you are away of all the events going on that week.
  • Thursday’s, we have a “Coaches Corner” where we provide updates and talk about any struggle builders are having or an inspirational business topic.
  • We have business trainings happening throughout the year.
  • As soon as you join, you will be given a Team Pure Wellness handbook that will help guide you as to how you use Pure Wellness to effectively build your own business. Yes, you get to offer out Pure Wellness as part of your business because we are!
  • We have gatherings throughout the year for networking and so much more.
  • You get access to the “Business Certification”. This alone is worth joining.
  • You can get your “Essential Oil Specialist Certification”.
  • A series of 50 Daily mentor calls that guide you through everything you need to know to grow your business.
  • A “Find a Builder” 10 module program.
  • Social Media Academy
  • Sales Training
  • Mentoring the way, you want it.

AND the best is yet to come!

If you are in that third category, and still not sure, keep ready!

Why Pure Wellness?

If you are truly serious about starting a doTERRA business with Pure Wellness, here are the two key things that separate Pure Wellness form all the rest!

1 – Everything that is listed, and more for our Pure Wellness Community is yours to share and to get your customers added. You don’t need to worry about educating them, telling them about promo’s, this and more is all done for you by our leadership committee. Of course, we want you to check in with your customers, but you never have to worry that they are not getting all the information needed. If they have a question about the oils that you may not know, you guide them to ask in our Pure Wellness Community. Is this not amazing?

2 – Everything you get by saying “YES” to building this amazing business, you get to offer to people who lock arms with you to build the business as well. YES!!! All the amazing courses, education is there for you to show them how easy it is to build this business. Scroll back up and look and everything you get! Not only all that, but you get to be mentored by various leaders to ensure we find a good fit for you.

Is this for real?


Let me play this out for you, because I want you to really to understand how easy it is to build a successful business with doTERRA and Pure Wellness and all the tools you get.

  1. Your purchase your kit. If you are not already working with someone, and new to doTERRA I suggest checking out my personal recommendation with all the extra goodies I give to anyone who enrols with me.
  2. You get added to both our Pure Wellness Community and announced/welcomed into Team Pure Wellness.
  3. You download a copy of the Business Building Certification book. I would order one from doTERRA as they are cheap, or send it to Staples to get printed, and start working through it.
  4. We will set up a “Lifestyle Vitality Consult” and get you our LIVE guide to go over the doTERRA lifestyle, which is eat good food, move your body, rest and manage stress, reduce toxin load, informed self-care, and pro-active medical care.
  5. We set up a plan for your health issues you may want to address and plans for your business. A plan that works for you!  We help you build your business with these tools at your own pace.  There is the Essential Oil Certification, Sales Pro, Social Media Academy, Pure Wellness Academy are only a few of them

6. You talk to family and friends, give them a few samples, and share your experience. You let them know that the Pure Wellness organization is teach a class next week and you invite them.  After the class, you get them enrolled and add them to the Pure Wellness Community, and then they are in funnel to get education, love, and support on your behalf.

7. You also talk with friends and family, and let’s say your cousin wants to do the business with you. Complete the same process as in point #6, and then also introduce them and add them to Team Pure Wellness.

8. You have your new builder, your cousin, do steps 3 and 4.

9. Let your upline know you got a new builder and schedule a 3-way call to introduce them to your leader, and then Team Pure Wellness will work with your new builder as if it was one of their own.

10. You now just repeat the process and keep adding your customers and builders to Pure Wellness Community and your builders to Team Pure Wellness. Pure Wellness takes away all that heavy lifting for you.  You just need to share the oils.

I TOLD YOU IT WAS EASY!!!  Do you see how easy the process is?

Whether you’ve discovered essential oils and want to share them with the world or you’re ready to start a business building financial freedom for you and your family, or you just want to share with a few friends, we give you the tools, support, and community for you to build your business, your way.

We will be by your side all the way! Our job is to ensure your success. Darren, myself and all our leaders have been waiting for you and we’re ready when you are.

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