I am so glad you are here. If you came to this page, there is probably something you are looking for in life. Maybe you just want to start using the oils and want to know the cheapest way to that. Or maybe you are ready to go through a life transformation like I did. It doesn’t matter what brought you here, i am just so glad you are here.

I know when I was looking for information on how to transform my life in all areas, it was so hard to find credible information. I wanted to make sure that whoever came to this page, that there was so many different ways to get started whether you had the financial means or not. Money should never be a deciding factor for anyone who wants to change and improve their life. Check out the options below and I know you will find one that is perfect for you.

Start using essential oils

Get started with the foundation of using doTERRA essential oils! This is by far my #1 recommendation.


Essential oils touch every part of your life. Whether you want to reduce toxins, reset your gut health, work on your emotional wellness, replace all the things in your medicine cabinet with natural solutions, you will find an answer with doTERRA essential oils.

You not only will find the solution, but as my personal Wholesale Customer, you will have access to our Pure Wellness Community that is filled with awesomeness! Check out our community under Pure Wellness.

I would be honoured if you allowed me to walk by your side as you learn about the power of essential oils. Let’s get you started to find out even more what you will get when you get started with myself.

Start building your business

You want to be the CEO of your life and are ready to start an essential oil business!


If this is you, you are taking the first step. That is the hardest.
“This business is not for everyone, but can be for anyone.”

When you decide to lock arms with me, we will develop a detailed plan on how you can be successful step by step. We will help you learn your strengths, get certified in essential oils, social media, sales and so much more!

The only thing you need to know, is that anyone can build this business. If it is pulling at your heart, don’t listen to anyone else. You are responsible for your happiness. If you are ready, so I am! Let’s do it!

Learn about The Nine areas for essential living

Do you need help figuring out what part of your life, that just is not as good as you want it to be!


 It is for this reason I created The Nine. With the transformation I look with my family after battling cancer, I kept track of all the things I learned, the tools I used, and how I did it. It may have taken me a few years to get to get to this point, but I am almost ready to offer The Nine to the world.

Amazing free resources

If you are looking for resources, this is an option for you.


I wanted to pour all my love into anyone that supports my beautiful family. The least I could do, is put some of my favourite DIY’s, recipes, quotes, protocols for you to have at your finger tips. Make sure to check out Essential Resources for all this amazing stuff I created just for you to have!

Schedule a call with Darren or myself

Not quite sure where to start? Let’s chat!


You know you want to get started, but still don’t know where to. That is ok. Schedule a 15 minute call with Darren or myself and let us help you remove the clutter, to get a clear path for what you want out of life.

Book a class

Getting started with a class is the best way to get started.


You can invite your friends and family to an online class, and get “swag bags” for all your guests, and thank you gifts just for hosting a class. Click here to book a class with myself! I would love to get to know you.

Speaking engagements

Are you looking for a speaker for an event?


I would love to connect with you to discuss what you are looking for.

Here are some of my favourite topics.

  • Change after the trial – After being told I may have only a year to live, and suffering great loss, I share how I was able to turn the grief into the biggest blessing we could of ever prayed for.
  • Cancer and what we can change in our life to help with not only the quantity of life, but the quality as well. After travelling to Indonesia, China, India and other countries I share my knowledge that gave me my health back.
  • Women can have it all, but not all at once. I share how my corporate career prepared me to make the change to live life on my terms. How my husband and I raised four boys, maintained a have a healthy marriage and build a family business all while battling cancer.

If you are interested in having me speak at your event, please fill in this request and let me know how I can help make your event one that everyone will remember.

Request a sample

Have an ailment and are not sure if essential oils will help?


If you have a specific ailment and want to try an oil to see if it will work, I would love to be able to help find you a solution. Request a sample, and I will be in touch!

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