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Are you ready to try an essential oil?

Essential oils are one of natures best kept secrets. After my cancer journey i was afraid to put anything on or in my body. When I started my journey of non-toxic living, I knew essential oils were a big part of it. When I learned the power, purity, and potency of doTERRA, it was the missing piece to my health journey. The wellness lifestyle of doTERRA was able to my bring my health to a new level. Every new oil or blend of oils comes with a different experience to support your physical, emotional and spiritual health.

You see…
I use oils for reducing stress, increasing focus, soothing muscles, purifying my body, emotional balance and to support my immune system and so much more. I also use natural cleaning products with the amazing benefits of essential oils. It is so critical for our health to reduce our toxin load. With doTERRA you can do that.

The solutions essential oils provide are very versatile.
All of us are looking to use a product that:

  • Is easy (and fun) to use, and works!
  • Is non-toxic to our body, our kids and our pets
  • Is friendly to our environment and the planet
  • Promotes emotional and physical well being
  • Improves the quality of our lives
  • Gives us an alternative solution
  • Has more benefits rather than side effects.

Let’s get you a sample that is best for you!


The world of essential oils can be overwhelming and sometimes you just don’t know where to start. Requesting a sample is the perfect place. I can’t wait to get these oils in your hands. If you don’t know what samples to ask for, here are a few suggestions:

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    Wild Orange – Refreshing and uplifting
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    Lemon – To add to your water
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    Lavender – Moisturizing to the skin and calming
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    Peppermint – Stimulating and energizing
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    Aromatouch or Deep Blue – For a relaxing massage
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    Balance (Darren’s Favourite) – Provides a center of wellbeing
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    Motivate – To create an environment that is energizing

As you are waiting for your samples, I suggest to go check out the day and time of our next “Intro to Oils” class. This class has all the information you need to know, on how to start your journey with oils.

I’m excited to give you a taste (and smell!) of the worlds most pure and potent essential oils.
Your sample pack will include:

  • 2 essential oil samples tailored to you
  • Information on how to safely use them
  • My Getting Started with Essential Oils Guide!

Please fill out the form below and I will contact you to arrange pickup/delivery. I’m looking forward to taking this first step in your journey with you!