The life we have created!

The definition of a heart-centered community means elements of people working harmoniously, achieving business happiness and success with a heart full of love, knowing you are doing what you were put on this earth to do.

When I started using doTERRA products, I could instantly feel the difference in the type of company doTERRA was. When you have a company that manufactures the purest and most potent essential oils in the world, while supporting farmers/growers in third world countries, have an over 2-billion-dollar company and are debt free………this is just something not heard of! This was so infectious to me right from the start, but it was almost too good to be true for Darren to wrap his head around.

Knowing that doTERRA has the best product, offered an opportunity that sounded amazing and has the most amazing people, I decided to create my own community and started my business! Since then, we have combined our 6 doTERRA organizations into one powerhouse team: Pure Wellness. This allows us to provide education to our customers, collaborate with more leaders to guide new people in the business and so much more.

Learn more about our communities below and how we can be a part of building your dream!

If you are reading this, you might be feeling a gentle tug at your heart and also excitement. This little pull, a gentle whisper as I call them, the feeling that you are meant for more, but you don’t know what that more is.  I had that feeling the first time I used doTERRA, and knew there was a higher purpose for me.  Little did I know that doTERRA was a vehicle for my health, financial and time freedom for my family and it can be for you too.

My first piece of advice; don’t stop listening to that whisper.  You are hearing it because the universe is trying to direct you on the path you are meant to be on.  My second piece of advice; somehow the universe brought you to this moment in time; where you are reading and learning about Pure Wellness.  What does this mean to you?    It can mean so many different things, and one of those things could be that this is the answer you have been looking for, whether it is your health or freedom, Pure Wellness might be the answer.

Let me tell you what our Pure Wellness Community (PWC) can do for you and your health? Our Pure Wellness family can help you get you to where you want to be with your health and help you maintain it. We like to say:

A lifestyle where health is naturally achieved and maintained. 


There are no secret products, or gimmicks, we just educate 1000’s on how to use the healing properties that come from the earth around the world. We know many pharmaceuticals are developed based on the compound structure of plants, seeds and bark. So before using something synthetically made, why not try natural. In addition we show you how to boost and support your immune system, while reducing inflammation, addressing bacteria in the body, balancing hormones. This is called “HOMEOSTASIS “.

Homeostasis is the bodies process by which our health is maintained with stability while adjusting to any conditions.”

If we have homeostasis we are equipped to handle stress, disease, change and so much more. Through education, consults and so much more, our Pure Wellness family is there to support you on your health journey that is right for you. We believe in bio-individuality. This means we have many solutions to any one of your health challenges. If the first one we try doesn’t work, we know we will find one that will.

doTERRA not only has the purest, most potent oils, they have the purest, value based business practices as well. Even-though I came to doTERRA for my health, it was the business ethics of this company that I knew I needed to share with the world. If you have that feeling in you, that I can do this or I would love to do this, but yet you have that gross feeling that “Network Marketing is a scam”, or “No one is successful “, or the one I like is a “It’s a Pyramid Scheme”. I had those feelings as well. But the pull in my heart was stronger. I am so glad I listened to my heart. When someone decides to join our Team Pure Wellness we ensure they have all the tools they need to be successful. You will have a mentor, training, opportunity to get an essential oil certification as well as a business certification, social media course and so much more! The best thing, you set the pace!

Our mission at Pure Wellness is:

“Pure Wellness is committed to providing a clear roadmap that empowers you to live the life you desire, using the pure products and business practices of doTERRA”

Let me introduce you to the amazing leaders that our the stewards that ensure we are always providing the quality that is above and beyond expected to our Pure Wellness Community and our Team Pure Wellness.

Our Communities – Online

Pure Wellness has 1000’s of customer’s and 100’s of builders from around the world. I would be lost if I didn’t have such amazing leaders helping me run it. There are two communities in Pure Wellness. Our Pure Wellness Community, which is for all our customers and Team Pure Wellness which is for all our entrepreneurs. Learn more about all the amazing offerings these two communities have.

What is so awesome about our Pure Wellness Community?

When you become a customer within Pure Wellness, you will be supported by educated leaders and experts that will show you how to integrate the natural solutions doTERRA provides into your daily life. You will also have fun and support by your Pure Wellness Family.

Are you ready to be an entrepreneur?

Are you ready to build a business with minimal investment and time. Then Team Pure Wellness is for you. We built Team Pure Wellness to be an organization that makes it extremely easy to provide the latest education on oils and business practices. You will have the opportunity to take an Essential Oil Certification course, a Business Certification, Social Media and so much more. That is right, you get all this training. You will be given all the tools you need to build a very successful business. You just need to naturally share your passion for the oils. You can finally build a business that feels natural to who you are, while you have the power of Pure Wellness working for you on all the things you need to do when running a successful business.

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