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We have something pretty amazing for the next four months that you are not going to what to miss!  Our Pure Wellness Team has been accepted by doTERRA to be part of a program where we get to give you free oils!  Yes, I said FREE!  You get to host a class between March and June and get free oils for just having a class.  We are not just talking about one oil; we are talking about many!  Kim will be teaching the class, as a requirement from doTERRA, to help see the leadership and knowledge from people who have succeeded in this business.

Are you wanting to book an essential oil class?  You have come to the right place.  Essential Oils can be found everywhere, but they are all different in quality.  With booking a class with our PURE WELLNESS team, you will be learning from a trusted resource that is educated in how essential oils work in the body and how to safely use them.  There are so many misconceptions about essential oils and our Pure Wellness team is committed to helping you understand all the information from trusted institutions, so you can feel safe using essential oils in your home.  We would love the opportunity to have fun with yourself and with your friends and family, while educating you on the power of essential oils and why doTERRA is different when it comes to PURITY and POTENCY.

In addition to organizing a class with a reliable educator, we also have many gifts for the host and everyone invited!  This is an easy way, to get together with friends online, talk about something everyone loves, essential oils, and learn some new ways to use essential oils.  We have six different topics for classes that you can choose from.  Why not book a class for each topic?

Still not sure if you want to book a class?


Read what people are saying about our essential oil classes.

Deb Mason

“When Kim taught my essential oil class, I loved how she shared her life experiences with doTERRA essential oils.  Kim is knowledgeable, approachable, funny, and makes the classes enjoyable for everyone.  Kim gets everyone interacting and brings her charisma to each and every class.”



“Kim inspires me and I know anyone coming away from a class taught by Kim will be inspired as well.  Kim has an abundance of hands on knowledge and believes in the power of doTERRA essential oils.  Kim is open and honest and presents any class in a fun manner.  Kim has a presence about her that helps people believe in hope”



“Kim is the ultimate in teaching and learning about essential oils and what they can and cannot help you achieve.  Kim’s belief that essential oils are amazing, but sometimes we need western medicine, shows you that Kim is realistic!! Kim’s honesty and knowledge is what sets her apart and makes you shine!!”



“Kim helps people understand the power of the oils in simple straight forward ways. Kim’s passion for the oils and what they can do for our health, shines through at any class she teaches.”


Are you ready to book your free class?  Are you ready to help the host, whether that is you or someone you are talking with, get free oils and lots of other great incentives?  Do you want a cool keychain with sample viles filled with the oil of your choosing?  Yes, that is right.  You get a doTERRA keychain just for having your class, and for each person that attends, you get to pick what oils you would like to put in your keychain.


You have nothing to lose with booking a class?  You simple select the date, the topic, and hit submit!  That is it!  You will look like a ROCKSTAR to your friends and family, as you bring the class of your choosing to them, and all the free gifts! Everyone will join the class from the comfort of their own home and will walk away wondering how do they get to book a class?  Guess what, if they do, we have even more gifts for you!  YES, more gifts!


Let’s get you set up with your first class. Book at the link below! 

If you have 2 people enroll with a 100 PV order or more they will receive a diffuser with a bottle of Lavender Essential Oil.

If they have 3 people enroll with a 100 PV order or more, they will receive  a diffuser, a bottle of Lavender and a bottle of Balance.

If the have 4 people enroll with a 100 PV order or more, they will receive a diffuser, a bottle of Lavender, a bottle of Balance and a bottle of Lemon.

If they have 5 people enroll with a 100 PV order or more they will receive a diffuser with a bottle of Lavender, a bottle of Balance, a bottle of Lemon, and a bottle of Frankincense.


We didn’t forget about the builders or sharers in Team Pure Wellness that would want to ask their team, friends or family to host a class. So in addition to the hostess incentives, we got some incentives for you too, the organizers! Here is why! For each host you have asked to hold a class, your will receive the following:


• For each class that is organized, and 5 people show up, you can choose $25 or 50 PV of free product. This is for your first four classes booked.

• If you book over 4 classes during the qualifying months, you will receive $50 per class or 100 PV of free product.


These incentives are called the Organizer Incentives and will be given to you, after you have had your successful class for your host.