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We have built our life around natural solutions. The last decade has taught us so much about what to put in and on our bodies, how to naturally support your body for vitality and how to use essential oils and other natural solutions to support your physical and mental health.

If you’re looking to use or learn how to use essential oils in more than just your diffuser, this community is for you. Pure Wellness is the place to be for everything and anything essential oils or natural health. Our Pure Wellness leaders make sure this group is providing continuing education on the latest topics, tips, protocols and new products. They also work extremely hard to make sure the education is relevant and reliable. Whether you just want to learn about a certain oil, or want a protocol for a specific ailment, this community will have many answers for you. That is the beauty of this community. There are hundreds of people passionate about natural solutions, and we know there is not a one fit for all. If one suggestion doesn’t work, you will have more to choose from.

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There are so many things that happen in this community, for anyone part of our Pure Wellness Family.  Many are so amazed that everything in this community is part of your doTERRA membership.  Here are just a few things that happen monthly in our Pure Wellness Community Facebook group, and that are available to you if you join our Pure Wellness Community.  YES, you get all this when you join our family!

  • Each week we have a different host to ensure you are aware of everything that is happening that week.
  • Twice a month we provide a “Membership made Easy” class. If you are new, you don’t want to miss this online class that lets you know all the ins and outs of your doTERRA membership.
  • Once a month we do a masterclass on a topic that is of interest. We teach classes on Weight Loss, Seasonal Allergies, Surviving Cancer, Pregnancy and many more!
  • Monthly prizes and giveaways.
  • Challenges we do throughout the year like our 21 Day Challenge.
  • We have BOGO’s (Buy One Get One) a few times throughout the year where we give away a tonne of free oils and have fun learning about all the oils.
  • Sunday Night Live. Every Sunday night we have an avid oil user that pops on a live in our community and shares their favorite tip, recipe, DIY or anything that has made an impact on their oil journey.
  • Referral program. If you refer someone, and they join our Pure Wellness Family, you get a thank you gift.

As part of Pure Wellness Community, you also have full access to our Pure Wellness Academy.  This academy has a Level 1 and 2, each with 8 classes.  These classes are for someone who wants a little bit more in-depth knowledge on a specific area or just wants to expand their knowledge of the power of these pure and potent oils.  When you are complete each level you are given points to purchase any product you would like.  Some of these classes are Oils at Every age, In-depth Nutrition, Oils and Pets and Pain Management.  So many incredible topics that will have you leaving each class feeling even more empowered on how to use your doTERRA essential oils. 

This community also makes it extremely easy to anyone who wants to share or build the business.  As you share the oils, you add your new customers to our Pure Wellness Community and they get access to everything just like you!

The best thing about this community is that it is your 24/7 resource available to you to ask any question you may have, knowing you will get credible, reliable responses.  It is your personal resource available to you to support you on your oil journey.

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We know you came to this page to learn about our Pure Wellness Community, but just in case you are interested how I was able to build a business that allows my husband and I to live life on our terms. Check out Team Pure Wellness and see how easy we have made it for anyone to build a successful essential oil business, have fun while doing it and become part of the movement that is happening in natural health with the most amazing people!

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Are you ready to learn about essential oils from the comfort of your home? Do you want to learn from essential oil advocates some of the best tips and tricks? Then these virtual classes are for you!

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