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Are you ready to learn about essential oils from the comfort of your home?  Do you want to learn from essential oil advocates some of the best tips and tricks?  Then these virtual, on-line classes are for you!


Pick a date, put it in your calendar, get a nice cup of hot tea the day of your class, get set up in your comfy clothes, in the calmness of your home, and be ready to be blown away with what you are going to learn from this essential oil class!


The great thing about this class, is once you get started, you will have access to weekly continuing education classes, that will expand your knowledge and understanding on how you can safely, effectively and usually more affordable, on how you can use essential oils over traditional medical care!  Did I mention, we will also help you get your pure essential oils and below wholesale!


If that is not enough, in addition to the above, when you get started, you will also get a complimentary e-book, a welcome gift, access to a 24/7 educational group, and become part of a community of 1000’s who are passionate, caring, loving and truly just want to help educate and get solutions in the hands of many that are at their fingertips!

Introduction to Essential Oils – What is everyone talking about with these Essential Oils? Join me and several others who are interested, from the comfort of your home, and learn how you can support , maintain, and improve your families health and wellness.


Essential oils have been used to support functions of the body like the heart, liver, muscles and joints, respiratory, cognitive function and so much more for hundreds of years!  In addition many clean their homes effectively without harsh chemicals, using essential oils to reduce their toxin load.  Essential Oils benefit everyone in the home!


We are so excited to teach you about pure essential oils that have been formulated with comprehensive research.  We will teach you the difference between oils you buy of the shelf and the world’s highest quality therapeutic grade essential oils.  The oils we will be teaching you about have been created with a professional team of scientists, as well as highly accomplished medical advisors.   The scientists and research partners are constantly striving to learn more about the therapeutic potential of essential oils by designing and conducting studies and clinical trials.


Are you ready to learn how to use the world’s purest, safest and most effective essential oils?  Then pick a date below that fits your schedule, fill in the necessary information, and get ready to learn how you can support yourself and your family with natural solutions.


You will get a confirmation email, and then the day of your class, you will be emailed instructions on how to access a special code for this specific virtual class.  You will also get a PDF that we will use as we teach the class.  We suggest printing this out when you get it.

Choose your date & sign up below!