Are you looking for a real place where men talk about real problems that give you real solutions with No Bull$hit? That’s right. Brutal honesty! Nothing is hidden in the No Bull$hit ZONE.

Here, we talk about anything from testicular cancer, why you may be struggling as a dad, how to treat your wife like a queen, to the latest hockey news, and everything in between.

It’s all run by me! Join me on my journey as I open up about my own personal struggles with depression and share the details that most people don’t like to hear. I do this because I know how debilitating depression can be and how alone you can feel even though you may have a loving family around you. I want to help as many men as I can by not only bringing awareness, but by creating a space for men to feel comfortable opening up about their struggles.

So, welcome to the $hit Show. 

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Join me on Facebook and Instagram every Monday and Thursday at 6:00p.m. for some No Bull$hit discussion. Here is a link to my Facebook. Check out the topics we will be discussing each week. If you have a specific topic you would like me to discuss and give my opinion, message me at I would love to hear your ideas.


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    Man-to-man conversations about non-toxic living
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    A male perspective on growing your business
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    How men can incorporate essential oils into their day-to-day
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    A place where men can come to discuss their issues such as becoming a better husband, father, business owner
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    A place where men can love non-toxic living openly without having to sneak their wives’ essential oils secretly
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    Most importantly, this is a place where I just want to help people! I wish I would have had a community when I was going through my darkest days, and I don’t want anyone feeling the way I did!
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    No judgement, no drama, no BULLSHIT!
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    If you want to join myself and the other guys in the MANCAVE, shoot me a text at 780-691-5992.


Essential oils are not just for women. People may look at doTERRA and think it is strictly for the girls! Guess what, it AIN’T! To keep it simple, you must look at doTERRA’s essential oils as your natural pharmacy. Before you go see your doctor for a prescription, explore natural solutions. There are better solutions that are easier on the body, and in my opinion, work even better! Guess what else? They are cheaper!

When I learned there were men in this business, at first I was reluctant. NO WAIT, let’s cut the bull$hit. There was no way in hell I was going to join my wife and sell these snake oils. Fast forward to present day, I cannot live without this shit. My body would still be in pain, my digestive system would still be a wreck, I would probably be on my way to using way too many pharmaceuticals…Do you get what I mean?

When Kim put me on a routine with doTERRA for my specific health challenges, I am not going to lie, I did it for her! It made her happy! Within the first month I could not believe the difference it made in the quality of my life. I forgot how good I should feel because I was used to so much pain.

PAIN. Let’s talk about this for a second. I am sure you know someone who has struggled with taking opioids for pain. I watched the doctors try and put Kim on extremely outrageous amounts of opioids! Opioids were created knowing people will get physically addicted to them! This is a huge epidemic! Yes, we have alternatives! We have natural ways to help people manage their pain so they don’t need to take opioids, or maybe not take as much! Please reach out to me directly if you need help or know someone who does. I am serious! Text me 780-691-5992 or email Opioids are killing innocent people. We can help.


Don’t want to believe me? That’s ok. I did warn you this is a No Bull$hit ZONE. As you browse our website, get to know my family, you learn that essential oils can pretty much solve anything! But don’t take my word for it. Check out this list of influential people using doTERRA:


I just want to chat about business for a couple minutes. There was no way in hell I was going to join Kim in doing a network marketing business. Let me be honest with you! When Kim told me she wanted to start an Essential Oil business to build residual income for our boys, I literally shit my pants. First of all, who is ever successful at doing these “Pyramid Schemes”, second WTF is residual income, and how the hell will this help our boys? I was like no flip-in way!

Yes of course, I will always support my wife, but this one was a tough pill to swallow! After watching my wife fight for her life battling cancer, and now seeing her light up when she talked about doTERRA and the business, I wanted to support her in anyway I could.

First, let’s have some No Bull$hit discussion. I am no different than anyone else. I thought all these Network Marketing/Multilevel Marketing companies were pyramid schemes that promised people this amazing lifestyle, took their money, made some people go bankrupt, and end up with a real shitty experience. Then when I watched how Kim was with her customers, and how she invested her time and experience to people who wanted to build the business, the growing income, I started to think maybe this can work. So, I did my own research. I read the book “Rich Dad Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki and started to watch videos by Stephen Covey. My mind was blown! The top gurus in business and financial planning were telling people that Network Marketing is a great way to get wealthy. Yes, there are conditions like find the right product, understand the compensation plan, etc. I was starting to understand what Kim was telling me. Then when Kim said, “give me four years”, I know we can do it! She then handed me the book “Four Year Career”. At this point I was 90% convinced this could be the real deal. This was the first moment I started to dream of a future that was incredible! Fast forward a little bit, I went to a function where I got to meet the owners. This was the final piece, I thought. At this event, doterra launched a “Free to give” program, where a book was written by Stephen Covey to help people get out of debt. Use the vehicle of network marketing to earn money to help you become debt free! doTERRA’s belief was that if you can become debt free, you are able to serve the world in ways you thought were not possible. I was finally understanding what Kim was saying! Four years later we hit one of the highest ranks in doTERRA. Top 2% of the company! A monthly paycheque I remember looking at and thinking that this is what a lot of people make a year! I haven’t looked back! If this No Bull$hit ZONE, hockey loving, kind of crazy guy can do this, anyone can! You know what, I would love to be the guy that helps you see, what I finally saw in the power of building a Network Marketing business to leave a legacy for years to come for your family!


It took me 20 years to finally learn to live with purpose.

Kim and I have been married since 1998. Was it always a happy marriage? NOPE! I felt like I was not the best husband, a shitty dad, and a crappy business partner! I realize a lot of this is how I felt about myself, but a lot of it is from shitty things I did that hurt a lot of people! When you are just existing, you do things that hurt people. The one thing I never gave up on is that I wanted more out of life.

Kim and I have seen a lot of therapists, read lots of books, listened to many audios and constantly worked on our marriage, our family, and what we wanted out of life. Early on I learned that I needed to put myself first. YES, still sounds weird saying that, but it is critical if you want to live a happy life.

This is how it was explained to me:

  1. Take care of yourself first. If you as an individual cannot be happy with who you are, you are just going to be miserable to everyone else.
  2. Be a good partner. If I want my boys to see how to treat the person you love, I need to be it first. I wanted Kim to feel like she is my angel. By the way, I even have that tattooed on my shoulder. Another day for that story! In order to raise our boys, Kim and I needed to be happy in our marriage. I have to show up each and everyday as the best husband I can.
  3. Last but not least; my boys. If I am happy with who I am, happy in my marriage, I am going to be one incredible dad!

When I have my priorities set right, like above, I can handle everything and anything and feel like I am on top of the world. Did this take work? YES. Does it still take work? YES.

At first we didn’t know how to answer the question. In our mind, we just did what we needed to do to be happy, and to always be grateful and feel blessed. Kim and I thought we have no secrets, so let’s just share what we do! This is where our idea of living an Essential Life was born. As Kim and I were transitioning to life after cancer and were re-evaluating our priorities, it became clear that you only need the essentials to live an amazing life. Everything else is considered icing on the cake. As we began living our Essential Life, Kim and I looked at each other and immediately knew we needed to share this! This is where The Nine came to life. When we looked at everything we do to live a full-filled life, you could put it all into 9 key areas of focus. We then went to work and can’t wait to share all the tips, tricks, ideas, mistakes with all of you. If you can walk away with a new tool to help with a family issue, we are happy! We can’t wait to share all our hard work with you!

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