I hope you enjoy getting to know each one of us a little better below! Darren and I often say how we are the two same people that created all these boys, but yet they are all so different. Yes, don’t get me wrong, there is not doubt you can tell they are all brothers. When our three older boys were little, I am going to say 8, 6 and 4, we were on one of our summer family holidays. We were crossing the border into the US. We prepped the boys that the border security may ask them some questions, and don’t be nervous, just be honest. They protect children that people are taking kids accross the border illegually. So that started an entire different conversation as to why would parents do this. It was another teaching moment and we had a great conversation. We pull up to the window, give him all the passports, and he asks Darren to roll down the back window. My three blonde babies were looking so intently at the guard. The security guard starting asking the boys questions. He go to Dono and asked “Who are these people in the front seats?”. Dono was so nervous he replied “They are Kim and Darren”. The security guard held back his smile and said “You mean your mom and dad right? Go ahead, there is no doubt these three came from the same mom and dad. Enjoy your holiday!”. We laughed and still laugh today about this story. We have so many good memories, and can only hope our boys cherish these memories as much as we do!

When Darren and I talked about having kids, and what our priority was, we both had the same want. We wanted our children to grow up in a safe, loving environment, never going home to an empty house. That one of us would always be there. Man, thinking back, how we had to sacrifice to make this happen. We gave up the luxury of having two vehicles when we had Dawson and Donovan as I was just getting traction on my career and we wanted Darren at home. We gave up family trips, eating out, and so much more, that most people would feel isn’t a luxury, it is a necessity. But to us, we didn’t care. I am being so honest, we didn’t care. Darren and I had our vision for our family, what we wanted, how we can do it with our values always at the forefront, and we didn’t care what anyone said or thought about it.

It made my heart smile a little while ago when we were having one of our family meetings. Yes, we have a lot of family meetings. LOL! This particular family meeting we were talking about some decisions I needed to make about my treatment options. I was worried as to what people might think of these choices, as they were a combination of western medicine and natural medicine. After weighing out the odds, hearing everyone’s opinions, we made our decision. Dawson, our oldest said “Mom, what have you always told us? You have always told us that what people say about us is none of our business.” It was one of those moments that Darren and I looked at each other and just smiled. We didn’t need to say anything as we were both smiling knowing that we were looking at each other with great pride. Knowing we must be doing something right raising our boys!

We hope you enjoy learning more about each one of us, and we hope that our journey with all the ups and downs, can give you ideas, thoughts on maybe what you can try to live the life you know you are meant for. Darren and I love learning from other people, other families. We always have said it takes a village to raise a family. There is no right, no wrong, there is just what is best for you and your family!

I am so thankful to my mom! The first time my mom saw Darren, she knew he was my perfect match. From the first moment, to our first date I knew this was my guy. Everything I pictured in my future, Darren soon became a part of every goal and dream. My future soon became our future. In 1998 when Darren and I said “I do” we made a commitment that no matter what, we are one. The saying “forever, for always, no matter what” became something that truly got us through some of our darkest and toughest days. I always knew I wanted to be a mom of a boy. Little did I know, God would bless our family with four amazing young men. Darren has always made me feel so special. He calls me his “angel on earth”. When our last boy entered this world Darren told me “There is room for only one Queen in our family”. As you get to learn about our family, I can’t wait for you to get to know my husband! He is “The Rock” of our family. I couldn’t be me, without him.


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Darren is the true definition of what it means to be a protector of his family! Darren is a big, bad, bald headed, tattoo covered, badass and founder of the NBZ, but can still be caught crying at a Hallmark commercial. He would never admit it and will always say “I just got something in my eye,” but we all know he has the biggest heart! Darren broke the mold when he became a stay-at-home dad. Little did we know that he would stay home for 20 years and be the constant in our boy’s lives. After all, he is the biggest kid in our home.


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