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In 2011, I was diagnosed with breast cancer, after which came the process where I was reconstructed. You see, when fighting cancer, being reconstructed is not a priority. If your treatment protocol is to have a mastectomy, that will be approved; however to be reconstructed, you need to go on a wait-list.

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After many doctor/hospital visits, several emails, lots of red tape, and $10,000, I was able to have chemo, radiation, a double mastectomy and reconstruction within 10 months. Currently this process takes about 3 years in Alberta.

What also happens to most women is they are told they can’t be reconstructed. After these women have fought for their lives, the hope of being reconstructed is something they hang on to, only to be told they need to live with the scars and live without the breasts that defined them as a woman. They are told, “You should be thankful you are alive. Being reconstructed shouldn’t be a priority”!

I was told, by a well known doctor, that I was selfish and more concerned about my looks than beating my cancer and that I should be concerned about being there for my children. Yes, I left the hospital with no hair, no nails, so sick from chemo, and was told I was selfish!

I knew there was a shorter time frame that was just as effective in battling my cancer but would also allow me to be back to being a woman, mother, wife, and friend! Not all women choose to be reconstructed, but if you do, there are options and we need to make these available to all women. I already sit on a committee in which we are trying to implement new standards in Canada, but we are still a long way away. In the meantime, if women want to be reconstructed in a shorter period of time, they have to travel and pay for their reconstruction.

Giving back where it’s needed most…

Our family will, forever and always, contribute to various charities to help people fighting cancer, however, the Fighter’s Foundation will work directly with families to help them with financial burdens of cancer and, if possible, help fund reconstruction! While we continue to work with the medical community to change the process, we will step in to help coordinate meals, help with financial distress, support the caregivers, be advocates, help with lifestyle changes, and anything else that may be needed. Our family will RISE, with our Fighter’s Foundation, to help carry a family through to the other side of cancer! The Foundation takes submissions for families who need our help! When I was told the words “you have cancer”, I never felt so cold or alone! I know that a foundation, such as ours, would have been a tremendous help and blessing. This is the reason we are here— for you!

In 2011, after many doctor/hospital visits, several emails, lots of red tap, and $10,000, I was able to have chemo, radiation, double mastectomy and reconstruction within 10 months. Currently this process takes about 3 years in Alberta.

It takes a village to raise a family. If we never had our village, I don’t know how we would of made it. This was the first donation of the Fighters Foundation. Dawson did it as part of his leadership for his football team. Check out this video, it still makes me tear up.

Refer a member who needs doTERRA Essential oils, but may not be able to afford it. Each month we pick a submission and put together a beautiful package of essential oils that they can use to support their health and emotional health.

The process to submit has changed just a bit. If you want to refer someone, please just email ask@kimsmadis.com with why you want to help them and what they need. We will get back to you within a week to let you know if your submission was picked. We are hoping in the near future maybe we can increase the number of people we help every month.

The Fighter’s Foundation organizes days throughout the year where we make amazing home made food, and go to the Bissell Center and set up outside to feed as many as we can. Understanding the culture of the homeless, many of them don’t feel comfortable going in to shelter’s and left begging for food on the streets.

If you are wanting to join our next one, please email kim@kimsmadis.com and we will send you information.

doTERRA healing hands empower people and communities worldwide by providing the tools needed to become self-reliant. They do this through collaborative impact partnerships, facilitating community development projects in Co-Impact Sourcing® communities, and by empowering Wellness Advocates to engage in good in local and global community projects they care about.

doTERRA Healing Hands Help individuals and communities achieve self-reliance is a big job. They partner with organizations and Advocates who help us empower impoverished communities, fight human trafficking, and respond to natural disasters.

Working with doTERRA, internationally has opened our eyes and hearts to what is truly needed in the world. We are one.


We are always looking for more ways we can serve the ones who need it. If you have a charity, or would like to partner on a charity, email ask@kimsmadis.com and let’s connect. The world needs more hope and people who want to serve without judgement. Change happens with one small step forward. Let’s change the world!

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