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Get your vision boards ready. Here are some of my favourite quotes! I have organized the quotes to align with the nine foundational areas to living an Essential Life. I truly believe we need to be constantly working on each of these areas to live a full life! Can we work on all of them at the same time? Probably. But it is best to pick one of the foundational areas at a time to work on. No matter which area of the nine you are working on, I know you will love these inspirational quotes as much as I do!

You know what I did when I started diving in to change my life? I got myself a binder, created a section for each of the nine areas, and printed all the amazing inspirational quotes I could find. I then put them into one of the foundational areas of The Nine. This way, when I was journaling, or I needed a boost in a certain area, I could quickly go to that area and read all the quotes I have collected. In this binder you create for yourself, don’t just limit it to my quotes. Go check out all the other different sites with amazing quotes. Have fun with it! This is about you! If you want, make some of your own inspirational quotes! If you do, I would love to hear them and add them to our library. We all have a story to share. This is how we heal by sharing our stories and learning from each other without judgement!

If you haven’t checked out The Nine yet, make sure you do under Essential Living. Each area of The Nine is described in more detail there. We made it easy for you to find the Inspirational Quotes and Affirmations per key areas of life. Click on which area of your life you need some inspiration, and it will take you to that section. Enjoy! Many of these have helped me get through some extremely tough times.

Have you checked out The Nine?

If you haven’t checked out The Nine yet, you may want to. The Nine is all about living your essential life – a system that Darren and I used throughout our life, to help us build our dreams. Changing your life is not easy and it takes work. Go check out each of the areas and learn all nine areas that need to be worked on to align your passion with what you were meant to do and be. We are always working on The Nine, coming out with new templates and information. If you would like to be added to our email list, to share updates, new tools, and other neat things, we would love to have you.


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