A place where everything I do comes together to help me and others live a life with the essentials.

How did it all start?

When Darren and I decided to go all in with our doTERRA business, I had no idea that the first company we started “Pure life balance” would turn into us having the life we have today.  Our life, post cancer, was very different.  Our priorities were different, and the decisions we were making were odd for us.


The decisions we made, were not aligned to our decisions in the past, but aligned to the life we saw ahead for our family.  As we started making the decisions, getting rid of the “stuff” and the “things” that once were so important, the dynamics of our family shifted.  It shifted in a way that was so beautiful, it was easy, it was peaceful.  The hectic, running all over the place in separate ways, the always busy lifestyle was the cool thing.  If you were busy, had lots of events, places to go, there was a culture around that being the lifestyle everyone wants.  The busier you are, the happier you must be. Yes, we lived that lifestyle, but cancer gave us no choice.  It forced our family to slow down.  We realized that having conversations about nothing, sitting around the kitchen table playing a game, going for a family walk, Darren and I being together with our boys, not giving each other a high five in the morning and then again at night, we as a family were more relaxed.

The moment I knew that the title I chased in my career, was no longer an option, I lost my identity of who I was.  Who was I without my title?  I grieved this for a long time.  When you work for something for over 25 years, and then to have cancer take it away in one single moment, is beyond cruel.  Shortly after I recovered from multiple treatments, and countless surgeries, I knew I went through cancer for a reason, I just didn’t know what at that point.  What I knew was that I had a new found passion to understand what causes disease in the body, and what can we do to prevent it.  For my own health, I was on a mission.  I took courses, certifications, seminars and got introduced to an entire new way of living.  When I got home from Natural Instinct Healing (in Ubud, Bali) I knew the power I had within the choices of the food we eat, what we put on our body, how we live, and so much more.  It aligned to our new vision and values that Darren and I now wanted for our future.  As Darren puts it, he could see that sparkle in my eye once again.  I knew I needed to share all what I was learning, as I believed with every cell in my body, we can alter our path when dealing with disease.  I knew this new way of living, Essential Living, was pressed upon my heart to not only save me, but to share with others, who can share with even more people.  This is what I was meant to do.  This is why I went through what I did.  It encompassed all my skills.  My analytical and business skills from university and my career of being able to articulate the most complex situations for everyone to understand.  I then come up with multiple solutions and show with a clear path, how anyone can achieve the outcome they want.  Giving people hope, where there may not be hope.  THIS IS ME!!!!  That spunky, crazy, blond lady that was always stuffed back in box in her career, was finally able to shine!

Why did I just share all this with you?

I share it because it is important to me, for everyone to know and understand, where I am coming from.  I am coming from a place of my own personal experience and transformation, my learnings from multiple countries that I have travelled to, and the multiple certifications I have that has guided Darren and I to live our essential life!  We now are opening every aspect of our life and sharing it with the world!


Through my university years, my government career, or what I do now, I was the person to give you hope, to help you figure out your challenge and how to solve it.  The communication courses, and some other education really supported me in this. It wasn’t until after my cancer journey that I took specific coaching courses on how to coach people in life, for the simple reason I needed coaching myself.  After cancer every aspect of my life was broken.  Whether it was intimacy, meal planning, budgeting, grocery shopping, the way we used to do things didn’t exist anymore.  As I started using my coaching techniques on our family, I knew it was something I needed to share.

Seeing others achieve their goals and to start living a life they love, there is nothing better.

When we started Essential Living, it was purely a place for myself and my team to educate all our customers on how to use essential oils.  As people became aware that essential oils are not something you just use but that they weave into and can support every area of your life, our Essential Living community grew faster than we ever cold have imagined.  It wasn’t too far in, that my education, my experiences, the tools I used, that I naturally coached people in different areas of their life, all came together.  All the knowledge, tips, tricks, tools, templates I have spent the last 5+ years documenting it for myself, I wanted to share.  With some love and encouragement, I decided to share it with the world, and we called it “The Nine”.  A system that helps people learn how to live with the essentials.

What can you expect from our community?

Our community “Essential Living” on Facebook is where we are going to share all the details. That is right!  There is nothing we won’t share!  After having four babies, double mastectomy, reconstructed with my own various body parts, our success and our failures, there is nothing I won’t share or talk about.


We created this group to share all the details, struggles, things that worked, that didn’t work, every checklist we used, template, process and so much more.  We want to share with everyone in this group, as much as we can to support you where you are in life and how can we support you in where you want to go.  My entire life I have loved serving and helping people.

As much as we share publicly, this group is much more intimate. We get extremely raw, real, and go into much more depth on how to live an essential life. In this private group, you don’t just get the tools, we show you how to use them.  We have a system to help people jump out of the hamster wheel that is holding you hostage.  Once you recognize the issue holding you back, we help you create a plan by looking into nine areas of life.  You can look at just one of the nine areas, or you can tackle them all at once.  In our Essential Living community, I will go into detail on the education I learned about this area, but more importantly, I will share with you how to make it practical, and how to create permanent changes in daily habits that will move you closer to living a life you know you are meant for.  No matter what life throws your way, you will have a community to turn to for valuable resources and so much more.

Here are some of the amazing things that will occur in our private community:

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    Weekly coaching on various topics of life.
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    Experts in different areas to share their thoughts and approaches.
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    Personalized support and a like-minded community that is there to support you no matter what part of your life. You are working towards what is essential.
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    Access to valuable resources that we created to help you with whatever life throws your way.
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    Education on those nine areas of life that I truly believe direct our decisions. These are Health, Passion, Relationships, Spiritual, Financial, Character/Values, Home/Family, Community and then how you bring them all together to design your life – your way, on your terms!
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    There will be inspirational speakers and affirmations you can print and use anyway you like.
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    All the tools for the nine areas of essential living. Some of them are a Water Tracker, Medication tracker, Emotional Wellness template, an IKIAGI to help you find your passion, and so much more!
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    Let you peek behind the curtain of the life that Darren and I provide for our family.

How do you join Essential Living?

 This is the part that I am so grateful for.  No matter how we have connected you will have access to this group.  If you are in anyone of these categories, you have full access.

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    You’re a customer I shared oils with

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    You purchased coaching sessions, or programs in the past.
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    You have been coached and/or mentored by me
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    If you are a member of our Pure Wellness family. This means you are in the Team Pure Wellness or the Pure Wellness Community Facebook group
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    If you are someone who financially, is unable to purchase essential oils or a program.

If you don’t meet the above criteria and would love to be part of this amazing community, go to the “Let’s Get Started” page and see all the things available to help you start your journey.  With the purchase of essential oils, The Nine, and other items I have available, membership to Essential Living is included!  Yes, that is right.  You just need to get started with one of the many tools I offer, to start your journey and join our Essential Living family.

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