Kim Smadis Lifestyle | Darren’s No Bull$hit Zone
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Let’s see things from a man’s perspective.

After watching Kim expand her business and learning more about non-toxic living, Darren thought it was time for the boys to get involved. He knew that a lot of men like him were secretly loving oils and often stealing them from their wives! So, through his own struggles and his own journey, he realized that men need an outlet, too.  Let’s talk about business and how we can promote a lifestyle that incorporates essential oils, non-toxic living, and pure positivity.

Here’s why this zone exists…

  • Man-to-man conversations about non-toxic living
  • A male perspective on growing your business
  • How can men incorporate essential oils into their day to day
  • A place where men can come to discuss their issues such as becoming a better husband, father, to business owner
  • A place where men can love non-toxic living openly, without having to sneak their wives Essential Oils secretly.

Follow along on social media for local gatherings and online events for the No Bull$hit Zone!