Kim Smadis Lifestyle | Cleanse your life
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Join us in January and Cleanse Your Life in two stages.
We’ll give you all the tools to make it last and make it count.


PART 1! – The Cleanse (January 14th – February 12th)

A gentle cleanse and the reboot you need. From a meal guide to vitamins and oils, you receive everything you need to succeed.
Track your progress with a daily checklist + a journal for your new amazing habits.

  • Retail – $449.29 + GST and shipping
  • Wholesale – $346.33 + GST and shipping


PART 2! – The New Lifestyle (February 13th – March 15th)

No fear. We are going to ensure that you stay ON that wagon. Actually, you’re going to be DRIVING the wagon.

From a smoothie recipe book to all the vitamins + supplements, this is the stage where you learn how to apply your habits in your day-to-day life.

  • Retail – $130 + GST and shipping
  • Wholesale – $95 + GST and shipping

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