Are you looking for a purpose? Make your passion your purpose.

“Passion is the fire that drives us to express who we really are. Never deny passion, for that is to deny who you are and who you truly want to be”

– Neal Walsch

Close your eyes and paint a picture in your mind. Paint a picture of how you would be living your life, your way on your terms. You have all the money in the world and the time freedom to live your passion. Sit with this thought. Try to tap into your feelings.

Is this not something we all want? Of course it is, but overtime we lose our passion.

We get stuck in an unrewarding job or a passionless life that is a gnawing, tired, angry feeling of unfulfillment. You have the sense that you could be doing more with your life and that you could be feeling better about what you do and how you contribute to others. Doing what you really want to do, even partially, isn’t easy. I’ve met numerous individuals who give up at the halfway point or do not try at all. They choose to hear and believe “work is something to be endured not enjoyed”, or “only lucky people can pursue their passion”.

People buy into the majority voice before exploring alternatives. They bury their passion under yet another layer of fear or skepticism.

Is this resonating with you?

Passion is to humans as water is to plants.

It is fundamental to our growth, happiness and well-being. It is an expression of who we are on a deeper level. Many people think that they are not passionate about anything.


Yet the truth is that everyone is passionate, they may just need a little help peeling back the layers to dig deep enough to find it.

When you are doing what you love, what you are good at, what the world needs, and you are being paid for it, you are being who you were meant to be. You are aligned to your purpose.

Passion is not an intellectual thought. It is a feeling, an emotion. Both thoughts and feeling are critically important, our society tends to value thoughts, reason, logic, and clear thinking more highly than feelings, intuition, and soul. I really struggled with this as I transitioned from my corporate career to my passion that was not measured with logic.

If it is our desire to be the best that we can be, then the integration of mind, body and spirit is essential. However, passion can be difficult to find – and many adults fail to find it altogether. In the absence of any encouragement, they give up searching for it, or at least rediscovering it.

I love helping people pull that passion from the depths of their soul, to create and design a life that brings passion and purpose.  When we are aligned with our passion, we exude energy, excitement, drive, commitment and so much more!  When I talk about career and passion in module 2 of The Nine, we dig deep into what brings you happiness.  How can you turn what makes you happy into a career?  With a thorough assessment we do as part of this module, you come away with hope, that you can still make that change to live your passion.

It is scary to think that less then 10% of people are visibly pursuing their passion.

We all want to live lives of passion, but getting there can be tough.


If you want to wake up every morning energized and ready to set the world on fire by doing what you love, by turning your passion into a career it takes hard work. It takes a very strong mindset to trust the process.

Nothing great ever happened without big action! Start taking action today to take a step in the right direction toward your dreams. What if you take the step right now, to listen to that intuition that is whispering “you are meant for more”!

What if……..

  • You can help people get healthy, naturally.
  • You release the person that is inside you, to shine and change the world.
  • You never feel like you are working as you are aligned to what you are meant to do.
  • You feel that excitement inside of you again.
  • You unlock your true potential and have impact on others.
  • You are part of a mission that is greater than you that travels with a team around the world serving in a higher purpose, making true impact.

What if all these things could happen, while you experience freedom, abundance, and flexibility without a huge investment of time and money.

What if this could be you?

I am here to tell you that this could be you.  This was me when I first started building a doTERRA business.


I didn’t know how I was going to turn my passion of essential oils into a business that could provide for my family of six.  I just believed it was possible and I focused on all those “What if’s” above and believed “the how” would come.  I would love to partner with you, and be “your how”.

We know doTERRA has the most potent and purest oils, we know the values of the company are outstanding, the only thing missing is you with your drive and desire for the life you want to create.  The life you create, using the vehicle of doTERRA to make massive changes in your life, the lives of others and the world.  I ensure you will have all the tools you need to be successful. You will have a mentor, training, opportunity to get an essential oil certification as well as a business certification, social media course and so much more! The best thing, you set the pace!

When you work with me and as we get to know each other and I know your goals, we build a plan to success together.  We build a plan on the pace that is right for you.

Did I not tell you that “I have the how”?  I will show you the how, while you focus on the life you want to create.

Let me tell you a little bit more about “the how”.

When you start an essential oil business, you have a fire house of information coming at you.  With my Pure Wellness team, we take the heavy lifting off your shoulders, allowing you to just share and talk about the oils you fell in love with.

When you start with me, you have full access to the following to support you customers you are getting enrolled and potential prospects who may want to join you in your business.

If you are not already scrolling down to learn how to get started, let me play this out for you.  I really want you to understand how easy it is to build a successful business with doTERRA and the system myself and my leaders have created.

Here we go:

  1. You purchase the builder kit to help you get started on the right track. Information on this below.
  2. While you are waiting for your kit to arrive, we assess what skills you need to build a successful business, and how we will use your strengths. This is to ensure you stay authentic and true to who you are.
  3. You will receive my personal builder kit that will give you tools to start growing your business immediately.
  4. We get you set up with an Essential Oil Certification training.
  5. We also get you set up with our Business Certification training.
  6. If you need social media, sales, or other skills, we will get it set up for you!
  7. Set up an effective mentoring plan for you.

When you invest in yourself to be successful, I will invest in you and continuing investing in you as long as you need it!

You know, deep in your soul, you want to do this!  Let’s make it happen!

Step 1: Get the Kit

Purchase my recommended builder kit from doTERRA.  Yes, this kit is a little bit more of an investment, but this kit also includes my Essentials Builder package that will be delivered to you shortly after your purchase.  When you purchase this kit, I know you mean business!


Step 2: Let’s chat!

Send me an email at and let me know how excited you are to start this journey with me.

Step 3: Receive your welcome e-mail

You will receive a welcome email with all the information on how to get into my private groups, get signed up for our Team App so you don’t miss a thing, and a link to schedule our “Introductory Session”.


Step 4: Get set up for business training

While you are waiting to get your products, we will get you set up for all our business training so you can get started.

Step 5: Decide on mentoring

We build your business plan and determine the best way for you to be mentored on your journey!

When I tell people, you become my family when you join me in the business, I really mean it! 

The family we have built with our doTERRA business is the biggest blessing, and we are excited to have you as part of it!

If for some reason you are still not sure, let’s connect and figure out how to get you started. Like I tell my boys, “Everything is Figure-out-able”. A great coach I had for a while would say that, and I fell in love with it. It is true! There is always a solution, and I am passionate about helping people figure out the best solution for them!

If you know you want to get started but have a few questions or want to chat more on how I personally coach people to success, book a call with myself and I would love to chat about how this business can change your life. Or click the “Let’s Connect” button below and let’s get to know each other and see if we are a good fit!

“Your passion is waiting for your courage to catch up” – Isabelle Lafleche

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