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You are probably hearing all the latest buzz about essential oils.

You are interested in using essential oils for yourself and your family.

Now is the time to book a class.

You have come to the right place.

I would love nothing more than to hop online with you and your friends, family and teach you all I know about essential oils.  If you are local, and comfortable, I would love to come to your home and teach a class while enjoying a cup of tea with you.

Essential Oils can be found everywhere, but they are all different in quality.  You probably have one friend telling you they are safe, and another friend telling you to stay away.  You may have seen some amazing information about the power of essential oils online, but of course, there is conflicting information you probably saw as well.  When I started my journey, I could not find information on essential oils anywhere.  I had just returned from Bali, Indonesia where I was in a retreat learning how to reduce my chemicals in my environment.  My cancer was environmental, I had no choice!  I needed to get rid of all my chemicals in and around me, change how I ate, and needed to remove every single product in my home that was toxic.  I mean I had to overhaul my life, and my family’s life, and what was clear is that essential oils played a key role in each and every area.  I knew I had to use the purest and most potent essential oil in the market.

We know essential oils are a volatile aromatic compound found in bark, roots, stems, flowers, plant pieces, and anything else that grows.  We know they have amazing healing properties for our physical, emotional, and spiritual health and well-being.  With the power of essential oils, you can, take back control of your physical and emotional health.  I will explain how essential oils work in the body and how to safely use them.

Ready to book a class?

YES!!!!  I can’t wait!  We have six very different classes you can choose from!  If you are completely new to essential oils, I recommend starting with the “Intro to Oils” class.  If you have been using them for a while, pick one of the other specialized classes.  If there is a topic you had in mind, but not listed, please email  I think I have taught on every topic possible!  Just reach out, and if I am not familiar with the topic, I know I will be able to find an expert on the topic you would like.

There are so many misconceptions about essential oils…

I am committed to helping people understand all the information from trusted institutions, so you can feel safe using essential oils in your home and on your family.


Yes, that is right!  I am able to get you accurate information as doTERRA prides itself in being a scienced based company.  doTERRA is a science based company that partners with several intuitions to have clinical and human trials.  This information is transparent.  Actually, many are starting to be published medical documents. I would love the opportunity to have fun with yourself and with your friends and family, while educating you on the power of essential oils and what the difference is when it comes to PURITY and POTENCY.

This is an easy way to get together with friends online or in-person, talk about something everyone loves, essential oils, and learn all the different ways you can use them.  In my classes, I like to keep them engaging.  I will answer all questions, and if I don’t know the answer, I will find someone who does and get back to you.


Have I mentioned that you will get a thank you gift for hosting a class?

YES. in addition to this cool keychain, you will get a special gift from me personally to say thank you! If you have taken the time to invite friends, and help me share my passion with more people, you deserve it!  What I find so amazing about each class, is whoever is meant to be there, will be there.  We never know what is happening in someone’s life, and maybe they needed to come to the class to be given hope, or to learn about another tool they can use in their health journey.  What I do know, is that each home needs to have these powerful essential oils.

If you are ready to book a class, get free stuff and learn about the power of essential oils, hit the “Book Your Class” button now!

How it works…

Click “Read More” to learn how easy it is to host a class.  It is so easy to book a class with so many different topics to choose from.  I bet you will want to book more than just 1!


It is so easy.  I want to make it as easy as possible for you to book a class with me.  Let’s go through the steps.


If you are not already enrolled with another amazing leader outside of Pure Wellness, or you are already a customer part of our Pure Wellness organization, go on to Step #2.


Once you have picked your class, date and time, you will receive an email with a registration link that is unique for your class.


Let all your friends and family know about your class, and make sure they register with your unique registration link.


You will automatically get the cool keychain just for hosting a class. However, you have the opportunity to earn a sample vile with an oil of your choice for everyone that attends your class.  If you have 8 people attend, you will get the keychain, with 8 viles filled with the oil of your choice.


I will get in touch with you closer to the date of your class to see how many you have coming.

If it is an In-person class:

  1. You will get your special thank-you gift and your keychain, filled with an oil of your choice for every person that attends. the day of the class.
  2. I will have a little swag bag for everyone who attends.

If it is an online class:

  1. Your special thank-you gift and your keychain, filled with an oil of your choice for every person that attends will be mailed to you the day following your class.
  2. I will mail you swag bags for each person that confirms their attendance. Ideally, I would like everyone to have their swag bag the day of the class so they have oils to experience while I teach.


At the end of each class everyone will have the opportunity to get enrolled as a Wholesale Customer if they are ready. They will also be given the opportunity to book a class.  If they book a class, you will get a referral bonus following the class.  More free stuff!


Following your class I will get in touch with you to see if you had any more questions, or perhaps you want to book another class with a different topic!


I will check in with each person that attended your class to see if they had any questions, or perhaps they want to try another oil, or maybe book their own class.

Is that not easy?  You have nothing to lose!  You will look like a ROCKSTAR to your friends and family!  You will bring the class of your choosing to your family, everyone gets “SWAG BAGS”, and everyone can earn more free gifts!  Help me share my passion for essential oils, and for helping people learn the proper way to use essential oils safely for the physical and emotional health.