Team Pure Wellness Leaders



OWNER/CEO of live fully essentials

Hello! I’m Laura Froese. I’m a Farm wife, a mom, and care of self junkie. I believe that if we know better, we do better. doTERRA oils have transformed my life and my family’s life in so many positive ways.

When I was looking at starting my oil journey, doTERRA checked all the boxes:

  • Pure oil.
  • Care in every step from field to bottle.
  • Support for the farmers and their communities.
  • Integrity and transparency in their products and business practices.
  • A desire to empower people to be healthier physically, mentally and financially.

I jumped in and soaked myself in the doTERRA lifestyle. I started the business as an “orphan”, but God opened up doors and I was “adopted” by Lisa, Kim, and Pure Wellness. I am blessed to be a part of pure wellness and all that this team stands for.

My oil business name is Live Fully Essentials. My passion is to help moms put themselves first with an intentional care of self routine that incorporates daily lifestyle practices and essential oils and to live fully.

Responsibility and belief are in my top strengths, so what I do and how I do it are important to me. My life must have purpose and bring about good for myself and others.

Being a leader in Pure Wellness gives me the opportunity to work with others, share my unique strengths and knowledge with our community, and to empower our members to live the healthy lives they desire.

Pure Wellness is for everyone! I love learning from our weekly hosts and sharing my knowledge as well.