Team Pure Wellness Leaders




I had an amazing experience with doTERRA essential oils, and I knew right at the moment that these pure and potent essential oils were going to be a part of my life, my family, and friends. I signed up to use the oils the night I attended a presentation, and within an hour I knew that I wanted to become a Wellness Advocate and wanted to build a business.

doTERRA has so many incredible oils and products. Choosing one is hard. The one oil that has supported me through a life changing experience; and still is part of my daily routine would be Zendocrine and Lifelong Vitality.

What I like about doTERRA – they are Humanitarians and give back to the community where the oils come from. doTERRA is all bout being transparent, they have great business practices, they empower and encourage their doTERRA family to be the best leaders that they can be, and the inclusiveness that all are welcome into this beautiful community called family where all are loved.

My oil business is Essential Health. This is where I get to share the oils, educate, give hope, and empower others to lead a healthier lifestyle. To build long lasting relationships with my business partners, and personal. In addition, to teach how the oils can used on our special fur babies safely.

It is an honour, to have been chosen to be a leader in Pure Wellness, a position that I do not take lightly. I have the opportunity to share my strengths, my goals, and to learn from a team of like-minded people who are authentic, accepting, loving, and empowering. I have the opportunity to become the best leader and servant, so that I can serve others.

My favourite part of Team Pure Wellness is that we are individuals that come together with compassion and hope, and we are committed to sharing the oils that empower us as individuals to lead a life we so desire by working, having fun together as a collective community while building our business, and being able to serve others.