My heart is so full of all the love that I have received from so many of you! I can honestly say that some days, reading your messages is what got me through the day! On the really bad days, when it was from moment to moment as I was so sick, I would think of one of your messages and say to myself, “I need to do this for Donna, she is cheering me on!” The next time I would say, “Denis wants to get together for coffee when I am better. I need to get through this so I can go for coffee.” I came up with so many thoughts in my head as to why I need to get through this, to distract myself from the horrible pain I was going through.

To say I am competitive is an understatement! It is a great strength to have, but you must manage it. I have learned to use this strength to help me in many situations. From all my child births, to broken bones, to some deep deep tragedies, to first being diagnosed in 2011, I have used this technique to get me through some of the most horrible times in my life. Everyone who sends me a message, a card, a text, anything, I picture this person in the stands. I keep building the cheerleaders in the stands as messages keep coming in. Whether you are family, part of my business, an acquaintance, or someone I met for 5 minutes at an event, I put you all in the stands. I am a very visual person. I can walk into a room, and it almost imprints into my mind. Darren can ask me about it weeks later where we were, and I can give him every little detail down to what people were wearing, the color of the walls, everything! I love picturing each and every one of you in my growing cheerleaders in the stands.

When a difficult moment comes up, or I am feeling really down, or really sick, or letting the fear get the best of me, I stop myself, close my eyes, and picture all of you in the stands. I will reminisce how we met, or a great memory we shared, or how loved you made me feel. Doing this takes away from focusing on the pain and hurt, and I can focus on the love and energy that each and every one of you send me way! I am humbled as to all the messages. Thank you so much.  You are truly helping me get through this difficult time!

I reminisce how we met, the memory we shared, or the love you made me feel by knowing you.

So where am I in my treatments and how am I doing.  I am getting to that, I first needed to share with each and everyone of you how much you mean to me.  I hope you can feel the love from me!