• What drew you to doTERRA  as a business?

The Big thing that drew me to DoTerra was the missions side of the company. It’s important to me to leave people better than when you found them. DoTerra does that through there co-impact sourcing and healing hands.  One of my big goals is to go as a family on sourcing trips and go help with healing hands projects.


  • How do you make time with your 6 beautiful babies?

The boys love to help with the oils, they have their favourites that they love to tell others about. I schedule everything, I write everything into my day. Laundry, homeschooling, gardening, walks, meals, quiet time, free time, bed time, work time and what task I am working on each day, Time for me – to work on me. An early bed time of 5:00 for the kids helps leave my evenings open to work on business and take care of me. I also set a bed time for me, to ensure I get the rest I need so that i can be the best wife, and mom, and business woman that I can be.


  • How did you work on your mindset?

Mindset is something that needs to be worked on each day, by reading personal development books. Journaling and being honest with yourself. And listening to others. Most days I have something come up that challenges my belief on something. If I find I am really stuck in a belief that is not serving me I try and get to the bottom of it, so I can then move past it. I read lots and listen to podcasts, that challenge me to think more positive.


  • Why is this important to you?

This is important to me because I can see the potential of where it will take me and my family, but more than that I see the potential for lives changed and mothers all over the world empowered to do better. I see the impact these oils have had on me and my family, to Live Fully, embracing each day with passion and motivation, while keeping things in balance.


When doing this business it’s important to be you and show up how you feel you need to show up. Be inspired by other peoples journeys, but remember that your journey is su Spposed to be different. Its important to have goals, but it’s also important to enjoy the moments that take you to your goal. It may take longer than you would like, but keep going and you will get there, the path to any goal is seldom a strait line, it’s often over fences, through woods and around rivers, don’t forget to lookup and enjoy the view along the path to your goal.

When I was just starting, I started simple, each month I would ask myself what 2 or 3 products could I switch out for DoTerra products. And then I would use those few products as often as I could/needed. As you are starting I recommend looking up and reading about whatever oils you are using as you use them, that way when you smell them at a class the smell will trigger your brain to remember the facts you learned about that oil.  Go to DoTerra events, you will meet amazing people that will change your life.

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