The most successful people in any field in the world have kept their focus on their strengths and not their weaknesses. And that’s why they achieved success. I am sure Bill Clinton and Steve Jobs have had glaring weaknesses but they definitely didn’t achieve success by focusing on them.

Now, look at your own life. Most of us have the tendency to complain and grumble at something which we aren’t good at. But have you ever thought how life would have been if we would focused on our strengths and positive things we posses?

What are you a natural at? What comes easily to you that others struggle with? Find and leverage that ability.

What does reflection tell you? Spend time in reflection, then make a list of the five things you consistently get great feedback on.

What makes you feel good? Unlike working on what we need to improve, which drains our energy, working from strength makes us happy. Think about the things you do that make you happy.

What should you focus on? You can reach your highest potential by focusing on what you do best. Don’t spend all your time working on what you are not; build on what you already are.

Why play to your strengths? Our strengths are gifts that were meant to be used—and when they are, you will find your greatest happiness.

The first step in growing your strengths is identifying them, and that can be a tricky task. Weaknesses are obvious. You’re asked to give a speech, but you feel miserable with anxiety anticipating it. Or you’re asked to document a process, but you always did poorly in your writing classes in school, so the blank page mocks you.

Weaknesses often carry vivid reminders of some past suffering. Exercising your strengths, on the other hand, tends to feel more like moving through day-to-day life. That can make it hard to identify what it is you’re really good at.

If you are a terrible public speaker but great at communicating by writing, then focus on getting even better at writing. Strive to become the clearest writer in the world. Take really hard concepts and clearly state them. Don’t succumb to pressure from your coworkers, friends, etc. to get a speaking coach and spend hours becoming a better public speaker. Focus instead on what you are already naturally talented at go from good to great.

If you’re not sure what your strengths are, click here to take the Clifton Strengths test.


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