My doTERRA journey started about 2 years ago for me.  This gift came into my life as I had been “intentionally” putting out into the universe that I wanted a business that was more in alignment with my life passions, goals, and lifestyle. A heart based business that was about healing our body naturally, sharing and helping others and would also provide financial security.

AND voila! The Universe always listens and answer’s our prayers, especially when we become crystal clear on what we ask for…


I had already been living a somewhat cleaner lifestyle, after being diagnosed with Fibromalgia as a young woman, and not being OK with the norm in our medical system…which pretty much kept me in bed resting and wasting my life away!! I dug deep and started my own healing journey with mediation, personal development, energy healing, reiki, and as many natural products from the local markets, health food stores and whatever I could source that was available to me or knew about.  Using my lavender essential oil for sleep from the local health food store, which I thought was pure…boy did I still have some lessons to learn!


And then the gift of doTERRA was presented to me when I attended an Essential Oils 101 class. I was like…OMG THIS IS IT..this is what I have been asking for! It seriously hit me like a ton of bricks!! The whole class I was sitting there going OMG I cant believe this is the business opportunity I have been waiting and praying for.  A product that was safe, pure, natural and CPTG that I could incorporate into my lifestyle and a business model that I could use to help others do the same.  I signed up as an Wellness Advocate the very next day.


I now help others do the same…I offer opportunities to people…I offer natural solutions…I offer choices…I offer hope and provide solutions…I offer education and love etc. its truly a gift of earth on so many levels to which I am truly THANKFUL AND GRATEFUL for each and everyday!!


If I could offer one tip to any builder it would be to just be YOU…be the BRAVE, BOLD, BEAUTIFUL WOMEN that you are…(sorry guys speaking to all the POWERFUL women here) and to go out and share your passions…share your love…share hope and solutions to everyone you see.   You never know who you will be talking to that’s just waiting for their prayers to be heard.


And most important of all…don’t forget the self love and self care…you can’t help others if you don’t take care of YOU first.

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