“I was first introduced to doTERRA in 2015 when I started dating my old high school crush. He told me that he used doTERRA for his youngest son’s focusing issues. That’s right – HE introduced oils to ME! I was a total skeptic and scoffed that essential oils were legit. I mean, they smelled amazing, but that was it, right? Eventually, the more I saw Alexander using the oils and saw how they impacted his behaviour as well as his ability to focus, I started to believe.

One day, I was suffering from serious digestive discomfort. I missed work, chugged so much pink stuff and had no relief. I drove 20 min to my mother in law’s and tried some peppermint in a glass of water. Instantly I felt relief. Instantly. It was in that moment that I knew there was more to these oils and I became enthralled with what they could do for me and my friends and family. I dove in head first!

I am always using my oils and truly am a product of the product. doTERRA is all over my home so that we always have solutions available! I also keep a diffuser in almost every room of my home – even the bathroom! The more I learn about using essential oils and non-toxic solutions, the easier it is to help my friends, family and clients. I firmly believe that a large part of your success in this business is literally using the products every day. If you don’t, how can you share from the heart and really help someone?

Being a product of the product is key, but so is your belief in this company and this industry. One way to grow your belief in doTERRA and Network Marketing is to do personal development regularly. I do some form of PD every single day – whether that’s reading a post, listening to a podcast, tuning into live broadcasts, and attending corporate events like The Healthy Habits Tour and Convention. I love connecting with other Wellness Advocates and chatting about doTERRA. It really fills my cup seeing other people, just like me, succeed and I know that with hard work, drive, and grace, we will reach Presidential Diamond one day. I also plug into coaches and network marketers from other companies to get inspiration and fresh perspectives.

I don’t really have a back up plan – doTERRA is my end game. I can’t wait to leave my day job and live a life of time, financial, and health freedom.”

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