What drew you to doTERRA as a business? 
I love the product and believe in it.  It coincides with my mission in life to eliminate toxins from my home and to help my family live a healthy lifestyle.  As well, the main thing that drew me to this business is there is a no pressure, build how you can approach which is appealing as I also work full time outside my home.  I’ve always been interested in helping people and I was sharing the oils and products with everyone I know anyway, is it just made sense to make it a business.  That lead me to wanting the goal to make doTERRA my full time job one day!


What is the #1 thing you did that got you to Silver?
My Team! We had a team goal and I didn’t not want to let anyone down!  It was the incentive for me take it to the next level! From the moment I committed, I started talking to people, arranging classes and continued to plan ahead.  I also had the Leadership retreat as my personal goal and it was worth it to get there!


What is your favourite product?
Honestly, everything is my favourite!! But I’d have to say the Emotions line.  I use them everyday, all the time.  They help me set the intention for how I want my day to go, and I admit, I use the Motivate the most often…. Just to keep me going and I love the smell!  No more perfume, just my oils!


What is your business tip?
My business tip is to find a Mentor.  Someone who inspires you, holds you accountable, who is understanding and encouraging and to remind you to remember your WHY!  Thank you to Jodi Davey!


What are you most grateful for from doTERRA?
I am most grateful for this amazing team! To be honest, I have worked with men and women and women are the most difficult, for many reasons!  I don’t mean any disrespect, but it is true in my experience.  With this group of women, I have found my tribe of strong, independent, secure women who are on the same mission in life to build each other up and support each other with no jealousy or insecurities, they are truly, heartfelt and joyful to see each other succeed and we all rise together! It’s an amazing feeling to be unconditionally accepted for who we all are!  It may sound corny, but all I’ve ever wanted was to make the world a better place and with these women and doTERRA’s mission, we actually are inspiring each other to be better humans and to make the world a better place.  I think doTERRA just attracts those individuals who want something better in life and I’m very grateful I’ve found this team.

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