I want to thank everyone for all their well wishes as I recover from surgery and for my Dad.  As most of you know, my dad took took a really bad fall, just before I found out I had to go for surgery.  It was so hard, making the decision to have my surgery, knowing the state of my dad.  My doctors felt the need for my surgery was needed, so with the blessing of my husband and knowing he would help care for my dad, I was able to have my surgery.

As most of you know, my husband is a little bit of a rock-star!  It truly is because of our partnership and his support that I am able to do what i do!  Not sure if most of you know, but my husband has been a stay at home dad, or “house manager” as well call it, for almost 18 years!  WOW right!  Not only that, he has held our family together through cancer treatments, endless surgeries, and helped care for my parents.  When my dad took this fall however, to watch my husband care for my dad, has truly been one of the most heart warming experiences.  To see pictures of my husband at the hospital caring for my dad and how he is caring for him, truly, how did I get so lucky!  Hearing how he is going to my dad’s home to get his clothes to launder them as he wanted my dad to have clean clothes, to go pick up basic necessities for my dad feels at home in his hospital room, to bringing various types of food to get my dad to try and eat!  It amazes me what he thinks of, and the level of compassion he has.

Darren and I have always talked about how it is our responsibility to care for our parents.  It is one thing to have a physical illness in your old age, but also the challenges that come along when your parents don’t know where they are. They are scared because they don’t remember things, they become angry simply because they don’t know what is happening. It’s something so heartbreaking to watch.  Being a child that my parents had late in life, I have always felt I missed out on so much, as my dad was retired when I was in high school.  My parents had did all the “kid things” with my brothers.  I felt a need growing up to soak up every moment I could with them, to learn family traditions, family recipes, to ensure we have pictures of them everywhere so my boys know who their grandparents are, and to ensure my boys know they play a role in caring for their grandpa. When I was little, whether it was my “Baba” or “Grandma”, we saw them on a weekly basis, and my dad ingrained in me, no matter how busy we are, no matter what else is going on, taking care of my grandparents was priority.  It melts my heart when my boys ask, “Did anyone go see grandpa today”, “Should we go see him” or “Let’s make an apple pie for Grandpa”!

I encourage you today, if you have parents or grandparents, reach out to them, care for them, love them.  Caring for your parents in their time of need, is truly an honor.

“Love your parents and treat them with loving care as they once cared for you, for you will only know their value when you see their empty chair”.  Anonymous.

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