People always ask me if I get nervous speaking in front of 1000’s of people.  At first yes I did, but now honestly, it fuels me.  I feel at home, when I am sharing my story with so many.  When I see

the looks in peoples eyes change from fear to hope, I truly know I am living my life purpose.


When I walked up on stage in China, the bright lights, the crowds, the applause, just filled my heart.  I truly felt an energy that entered my body that is magical!  Strength that is indescribable!  This speech was a little different, as it was being translated live as I was speaking.  The reactions were a bit delayed but just as joyous.  When pictures of my amazing husband and beautiful family came on, everyone applauded!  It makes me feel so proud!




While sharing my story, I referred to Dr. Hill’s speech from the day before when he asked everyone in the audience to raise their hand if they have been impacted by cancer, and every single person put their arm up.  How are we living in a world with so much disease!


At first as I shared my story, I can literally hear the tears in the audience, but by the end everyone was laughing and cheering.  I left everyone with a message of HOPE!  Being diagnosed with any illness, does not have to be negative.  I always refer to the famous saying, “It is not the load you carry, but how you carry the load”!  I am so blessed for my cancer journey, so even more blessed that doTERRA came into my life and change it in ways that is unimaginable!  I choose to find the blessing in my tragedy.


After I got off the stage, the feeling of being so blessed overcame me with such strength.  The level of gratitude i feel is indescribable!  As I was walking to the gala, everyone was stopping to say, “I love you”, in their broken English, or just look at me with their perfect skin and tiny smiles and lay their head on my shoulder and just hug me.  People would come running across the street to take a picture.  At this point I truly was overwhelmed with how many people my talk actually impacted.  I broke downed and cried.  How can I not share my story!  How can I not share these oils.  So many woman came up to me and said, “Cancer, me too”, or “Cancer, need help”!  I was so overwhelmed.  I want to help everyone!!!


As I went to the gala, everyone in their beautiful dresses, wanted a picture together.  I literally just stood their and everyone just came up.  Some people would push others out of the way.  They would come running, grab my arm, hug me, say “I love you”.  I tried to sit down so many times, but how could i sit down, how could i not stand there and take every single picture, and hug every single person i could.  Hearing the words, “You gave me courage”, “You gave me hope”.  I would travel 1000’s of miles, stand for 1000’s of hours taking pictures, to give one person hope and one person courage!


As I type this, I still cry, with that feeling of being blessed but overwhelmed.  There is so much healing that needs to be done in this world.
I pray that my small part that I am doing is making a difference.

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