Today was the first day of the China Convention!  WOW!  The displays, the products, the security, the people, the excitement, was so amazing!  Maggie and I started our day with an amazing breakfast!  So many people for the convention just arrived, and asked for pictures with me. I still get amazed that someone I don’t know, wants a picture with me.  When we would take the picture, most of the time we couldn’t communicate because most of them not knowing English, but somehow through the oils we could have a lovely conversation.


Dr.Hill kicked off the convention with some oil education and wowed the audience with science.  As I looked at Dr. Hill on the stage, I still find it so hard to believe that

tomorrow I will be on the same stage.  How could one of the worst days in my entire life, the day I heard I had cancer, lead to one of the most magical days in my life, speaking in China in front of over 1000’s of people, how does this happen?  When I really think about it, I am still in disbelief!


If you have been following my social media, even though i share my cancer journey, so many people say to me how blessed i am!  Yes, i am blessed!  I even had one person in my family say to me once, “Can you just post something sad for once, for people don’t think your life is perfect”!  REALLY!!!!  If seeing me succeed, seeing me be happy, bothers you, maybe you need to look within, was my thought!  That being said, i found myself surrounded by so many amazing happy people today, but i was reminded when i was reviewing my speech today, that we never know what people are going through! This is part of my speech and my body reminded me today of what it has been through.


As blessed and grateful that I am for this amazing life Darren and I have created, today when you saw my Facebook stories or Instagram stories, what you didn’t see, is someone who was feeling very tired, someone who is loosing her voice and freaking out as tomorrow I speak in front of the biggest crowd I have ever spoken to, someone who cannot eat as her digestive system is still working at a snails pace from the 11 hour flight, someone who broke out in chills and thought she was going to get sick as my immune system is in overdrive with the air quality and different bacteria in the environment, someone who was overwhelmed with the amount of people wanting to talk to her and take pictures, someone who left the session early to go to her hotel room, a mom who was feeling guilty as she is missing her boys so much, someone who feels homesick and wants nothing more than to hold her babies and her husband.  These are all the things you don’t see!   I share this with you, in the most intimate way, as I am so grateful for my life that I have worked so hard for, grateful for my health that I have worked so hard for, but i have challenges just like everyone!  I have to face my fears, and constantly work hard to be a good mom, entrepreneur, wife, fri

end.  Living an awesome life takes work.  My challenges are no worse or better that anyone else’s.  Someone going through divorce can be just as devastating as someone hearing they have cancer, or someone breaking their arm.  Everyone’s struggles are not to be judged, just like their success are not to be judged!


So enjoy a mom bragging about her kids all the time on Facebook, be happy for someone that is successful in business, be happy for the person who has found a new passion, because among the happiness we know everyone has a struggle.  We have so much hatred, fear, and anger in this world, we need to focus on the happiness that everyone has, and truly be happy for everyone!  So today, as my body reminds me of the damage from chemo and my immune system is at an all-time halt, I choose to continue to work through my struggles and focus on watching Maggie enjoying sitting front row in the VIP section and watching her happiness explode from her body like a little girl!  I choose gratitude and happiness!!

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