WOW!  What a day of exploring!  After a good nights rest, we went to local markets today, a river tour, visited silk factories and had so much fun.  I am so glad my friend Maggie Khu decided to come with me to the doTERRA convention in China!  Maggie was born in Hong Kong, and when I asked my team if anyone wants to come with me to the doTERRA convention, she jumped on board and decided to join me and I am so glad she did.  I don’t know how i would of survived without her.   As we were enjoying our river tour today and bike ride, I had to sit back as emotion

overwhelmed me.  I sat back and thought, what if I would of never said YES to the opportunity with doTERRA, what if Maggie wouldn’t of said YES, never one of us would be in this moment today.


When I decided to do Network Marketing as a Career, I knew relationships were a big part of it.  Let’s face it, relationships are a big part of life.  We choose which relationships we want to nurture and which ones we don’t.  When you start a business that is based on relationships, it brings an entire new meaning.  When I first started, I wasn’t sure if i had the skill set to build so many different relationships, I wasn’t sure if people would trust me with their health, or their career, but what I soon learned is that if you are open to new friendships, new relationships, it is amazing what the world will bring to you.  When you start a relationship purely just based on a common interest, like essential oils, you would never imagine that a few years later you will be traveling to another country with the person you just met.  This is the moment i needed to reflect on today.  When i reflected and looked back at my 4 years with doTERRA, the relationships I made, the relationships with people who:

  • the people who I just met who I now consider family;
  • all the people that said YES to trying Frankincense (because everyone needs a little FRANK, right);
  • to all the people that said yes to the business opportunity;
  • to all the people who just follow me;
  • to all the people who never gave up on me;
  • to the people who stood by me;
  • to the people who believed I was healthy when I couldn’t;
  • to the friends who knew me before doTERRA and stuck by me and believed in me;



In this very moment today, as I was overwhelmed with emotion, I felt the strength of each and every single relationship in my life.  Thank you to each and everyone of you, whether we are friends on Facebook, friends through the business, friends through family, or friends of friends, or friends because we love natural solutions……THANK YOU for saying YES.  Because I said yes 4 years ago, and Maggie (a perfect stranger at the time) said YES, here we are a few years later travelling to Shanghai together and building a bond that is forever!!  You never what saying YES will do for

your life and who it will bring into your life!  So why not say YES, to whatever may be pulling at you!  You never know the friendships that could be waiting for you!

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