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Build your life, your passion, & your business. 

It brings me so much joy to be able to help build the goals of others through motivation, team-building, and the love of non-toxic living.

  • Live freely and independently
  • Work your way to non-toxic living
  • Build your business on YOUR time
  • Discover a new way to build your freedom

I’m ready to be on your team. Let’s connect!

    Here’s how we can work together… 

    From holding your hand at the beginning to watching
    you grow an entire empire, here is how you can have me on your team.

    • You can become a wellness advocate & begin building a business with my help

    • You can purchase a wholesale membership & start your journey with non-toxic living in your home

    • You can hire me for private one-on-one coaching to get your where you need to be

    Contact me to get started! Work with me

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