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Welcome to our crazy life. My name is Kim Smadis and if you’re here, you’re likely looking for solutions. Aren’t we all? The real question is what KIND of solutions and how can we help?! Together, my family has been able to build a life that we LOVE and we’re on a mission to help others do the same. We are not one of those families who have a picture perfect life, have everything figured out, appear as everything seems to come easy, and all our pictures exude perfection. NO WAY! We are the real deal, or as my husband says, “No Bull$hit” comes from this family.

We get it. Life is DANG complicated! We have had loss, had to face our worst fears, sickness and struggles (I mean real struggles), and many times thought we wouldn’t make it.

In the last 20+ years Darren and I have had countless therapists, education on how to raise a happy family, learned so many different strategies to keep passion and love in our marriage, and have never stopped working on ourselves, our marriage and our family. Along the way we learned tools that we still use today. I often wonder why are we not teaching this stuff to our kids in school. Why are they not learning conflict resolution, money management, relationships, cognitive therapy etc.? We cradle these children for 18 years, then all of a sudden, they turn 18 and are told to go build a life. If they haven’t learned what it takes to build a life, how can we expect them to do it? A few years ago when our health business started flourishing, it was overwhelming with how many people just want a community where they can ask parenting questions, marriage questions, tools for budgeting, and so on. It came to me quickly that the work Darren and I have done to overcome cancer, loss, sickness, money issues, depression, and parenting issues is something people were searching for. Searching for ideas, tools, suggestions, opinions. That is why we have poured our hearts and souls out, to give you an all-access pass to what makes us, us! Life is not meant to be hard, or something you need to figure out all alone! No matter where you are in life and no matter what struggle or stage you’re at, we have something to help you move your life in the direction that you’re looking for.

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Fighter’s Foundation

The Fighter’s Foundation was created to give people HOPE. No matter the diagnosis, no matter the odds, there is always hope. They say don’t give people false hope, but I say why not? Whether you have one day or one year, believing that you will beat the odds can be powerful. The Fighter’s Foundation exists to help as many people as possible fight the odds, believe in miracles and hang onto HOPE! If you know someone who needs some FIGHT in them, learn how the Fighter’s Foundation can help.

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